Hospital Closures

If you need assistance following your discharge from Bidwill and the hospital is closed there are instructions on the hospital answerphone service, please listen carefully.

Your Rights as a Patient

Bidwill Trust Hospital abides by a Code of Patient Rights, ensuring proper standards are adhered to with respect and fair treatment by listening and recognising your need for dignity, independence, information, support and decision making. We welcome all feedback and complaints.

Your Rights as a Patient

Respect You should always be treated with respect. This includes respect for your culture, values and beliefs, as well as your right to personal privacy.

Fair Treatment No-one should discriminate against you, pressure you into something you do not want or take advantage of you in any way.

Dignity and Independence Services should be provided in a way that respects your dignity and independence.

Proper Standards You have the right to be treated with care and skill, and to receive services that reflect your needs. All those involved in your care should work together for you.

Communication You have the right to be listened to, understood and receive information in whatever way you need. When it is necessary and practicable an interpreter should be available.

Information You have the right to have your condition explained and be told what your choices are. This includes how long you may have to wait, an estimate of any costs and likely benefits and side effects. You can ask any questions to help you be fully informed.

It’s Your Decision It’s up to you to decide. You can say no or change your mind at any time.

Support You have the right to have someone with you to give you support in most circumstances.

Teaching and Research All these rights also apply when taking part in teaching and research.

Complaints It is OK to complain – your complaints help improve services, and It will not have an adverse effect on the way you are treated.


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Your Admission to Hospital

Thank you for choosing to stay at Bidwill Trust Hospital. The management and staff look forward to welcoming you and hope your stay is pleasant and comfortable. On arrival at Reception you will be accompanied to your room or day surgery lounge and admission procedures will be carried out by the Nurse on duty. Depending on the time of your scheduled operation, there will be a waiting period.

Fasting Before Surgery

If your operation is in the morning, do not eat anything after midnight but you may have water to drink until 6:00am. For afternoon operations, have a light breakfast of toast or cereal (not a cooked breakfast) before 7.30am. You may drink water up until 11:00am. Babies can be breast fed up to three hours before surgery and bottle fed babies up to four hours before surgery. They may continue to have water up until two hours before surgery.

Completing Your Admission Questionnaire

Please complete all portions of the yellow questionnaire numbered 1-9 and return it at least 14 days prior to your admission date. Please use black pen to complete the form. Contact the hospital if you have any problems completing the form. You may be contacted by a Registered Nurse prior to your admission requesting further information/clarification of your health history. We recommend that you read your information booklet to assist you in completing your questionnaire.

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