To be given to one recipient annually for $3,000.The scholarship is in memory of Bernadette East, who was a senior nurse at Bidwill Trust Hospital for 39 years. She had an absolute passion for nursing with a focus on quality and excellence. She saw her job as one that ensured patients received the best care and attention and, as a consequence, she was responsible for quality systems at Bidwill that are still in place now. The nursing scholarship in her name is especially apt because Bernadette gave many people their professional break.


Purpose of the scholarship

Undergraduate study – for students that have successfully completed year 2 of their Bachelor of Nursing. Contribute towards to costs of their third-year study.


Criteria for scholarship

Recipient must live in the South Canterbury area (when not away for study purposes).

Studying towards a Bachelor of Nursing (does not need to surgical nursing).

Proof of enrolment required.

Academic achievement, contribution to nursing and community to be part of assessment process.

The successful applicants will not be bonded to work at Bidwill but this might be an option at the end of their studies.


Applications close 30 November each year. 

You can download the Bernadette East Nursing Scholarship here